A review by breathing_pages
Hook, Line, and Sinker, by Tessa Bailey


This book is the sequel of It happened One Summer and it follows the tale of Piper's sister Hannah and Brendan's best friend, Fox.

Hannah is very different in comparison to her sister. She is an introvert who speaks through music. Her dream is to work on film soundtracks. During the previous book, she became friends with Fox, who is a fisherman and an infamous charmer. How did those two become friends?

Well, they did, and even though the chemistry is there, Fox doesn't want to risk her presence in his life, and tries to help her with being braver both in her professional and her personal life, when Hannah moves back to the small town for work.

She lives with him, and then the lines become blurry. They both have to face their own issues, and a possible relationship between them could be catastrophic, the magnetism is too much to ignore.

A lovely friends to lovers tale. It is one of my favourite tropes. There is the roommate trope in there as well. I like the fact that they are flawed characters. Bailey is amazing at writing great characters. And, they are all so different and separate from one another.

If you love small town contemporary romance, you will love it. And, it is a great epilogue to this duology.