A review by books_with_zoey
Daughters of the Deer, by Danielle Daniel


Wow - what an incredible book. Furthermore, what an incredible opportunity to learn and educate myself on the heartbreaking and very real history of this land.

The way that this book was written allows the reader to really feel all of the emotions of this story. Written from the perspective of 3 different people with such different views, the struggles that each of them face are so raw and real.

Marie is powerful, and strong, but gentle and caring. She never wavers in her beliefs and feelings while doing what she must for her family.

Pierre though not perfect, and ignorant for majority of the book, really grows to be the man Marie and his family needed.

Jeanne’s character is beautiful. She loves freely and cares deeply. I felt so upset for her and how she didn’t get the opportunity to know the two-spirit way of her people.

This story is moving and eye opening. Danielle writes with such beautiful description that you really escape into the book while reading it.