A review by agnesbebon
Still by Kennedy Ryan

emotional hopeful sad


I have a lot of feelings about this book. It was emotional, I absolutely cried, I love Grip and Bristol, but every so often something would really bother me. 

I hated the way women’s weights were talked about in this book. It was uncomfortable, unnecessary, and perpetuates fatphobia. Also why does every woman in this book have hair down to their waist and why is it consistently mentioned? 

Extremely upset by the comparison of self harm to sex near the end. Not sure why that was included at all and I hate it. Around the same time as this in the book there was an uncomfortable use of asexual, too. 

I have the same fundamental issues with Still as I did with Grip, but I liked Bristol so so so much more in this one. 

This book could have been 5 stars, but alas, it’s a 4.

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