A review by enbyemu
NOS4A2, by Joe Hill


As far as retellings of Dracula go, this is quite a fun ride. A lot of the characters are likeable and well written and it's a fascinating world that has been created by Hill.

Where the book suffers is in the villains (they weren't bad villains, per se...just didn't impress me much) and the meticulous plot construction getting in the way of the characters. What I mean by that is that there were several points throughout the book where characters (most notably the protagonist) do things because the plot dictates that they need to in order to hit certain plot points - as opposed to the characters taking actions that seem to naturally flow from the person that has been created.

I'm also not a fan of Christmas motifs in 99% of books, but that's just a personal preference.

I still enjoyed the read, but will not likely be going out of my way to find any other Joe Hill books.