A review by saj_81
Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury


My efforts to read more classics continue... I have to admit that even though this book is extremely familiar, I had no idea what it was about until now. Consider me educated.

I found the book interesting enough, especially after getting the hang of the unusual style it is written. The main character of Guy Montag had my sympathy from the start and following him in the dark allies was quite a thrill. The creepy dog thing is certainly nightmare-worthy!

The bleak reality of this story is scarily familiar, as a metaphor at least. Reality television, gossip magazines...all things I myself enjoy to some degree. When does escapism turn into hallucination? How much is too much? It might just be that this book is more relevant now than ever.

To justify the three stars I will add that the only thing stopping me from enjoying this book more was the writing style. The odd repetitions certainly fit the atmosphere of the book, but I just couldn't make myself enjoy them. I'm blaming this one on me, not the author:)