A review by roklobster
Oathblood, by Mercedes Lackey


You know those books you read when you are younger than you are now and they make an impression and you think they will be crucial to your life for always and forever?

And then you do some growing up and changing and then re-read those books? And the power that they had over you is not as vast as you once thought? AND you also remember them somewhat differently than what they are?

Yeah, this is that book. I liked the stories, but I was really hoping to sink my teeth into something more meaty than a compilation of stories already published somewhere else (say, in the FIRST BOOK of this series?!), and some too short to be satisfying.

Don't get me wrong - I still think the characters are awesome, I just think ML did them a disservice by quelling them to short stories. The last story in the book could have easily been expanded to be a whole novel - I wanted it to be a whole novel! - but sadly, she did not deliver.

The writing was good, but I guess I though this was going to be a NOVEL, not a collection of short stories. Sigh.