A review by cassiakarin
Surprised by Oxford by Carolyn Weber


Delightfully Sweet.
If you have ever travelled someone magical, or been captivated by love story only to realize it was your own, or sat among giants, or been given advise by a wondering wizard, then this book will enchant your imagination for reality, and bring the heavens closer to touch.
I am coming away from this book moved, revived, and thrilled. Because of it I want to make new friendships and probe deeply into the heart and mind of those I interact with. I want to love deeper the friends and acquaintances that I cherish. I want to read and become wise, and study the great men and woman of my day and centuries past. 
Most of all, I want to read my Bible more.
What great motivations can come from the story of one woman over the span of nine months.
This book was well written and wonderfully read. Yes, I admit there were a lot of moments where felt it too mushy, too soft, maybe too sentimental, but then again, I could relate to it all. The language was flowery, but well cultivated like an immaculate garden. There wasn't "fluff" but flower. The author kept very much on the topic of her conversion, and did not cloud the story with too much else.
I want to give this book a 4 star... but I enjoyed it just too much to not put 5.