A review by matts
Creepy Archives, Vol. 2, by Arnold Bojorquez, Steve Ditko, Frank Brunner, Roy G. Krenkel, Ed Lahman, Anne T. Murphy, Bernie Wrightson, Reed Crandall, Roberto Oqueli, Dan Adkins, Rocco Mastroserio, Angelo Torres, Ron Parker, Al McWilliams, Manny Stallman, Alex Toth, Russ Jones, Ben Oda, Al Williamson, Larry Ivie, Eando Binder, Maurice Whitman, George Evans, Gene Colan, Jay Taycee, George Tuska, Bill Pearson, Wallace Wood, Gray Morrow, Larry Englehart, Shawna Gore, Archie Goodwin, Joe Orlando, John Severin


The plots of these short stories are just ok--big twists at the end that get less and less effective. Although I do like the robot stories. But the black and white art in these magazines is amazing. I would love to live in such a world. Except for winding up boarded up in a room to die when I planned to board up the other guy to die. Oops!