A review by jesskylie
Here There Are Monsters, by Amelinda Bérubé


ARC copy was provided by sourcebooksfire for free review, so huge thank you to source!!

Okay, I haven't written a review in a hot minute, and even though this doesn't come out till August, I uh... I have some thoughts.

First off, this cover is stunning and quite fitting. Second, this book is quite creepy and if you don't like creepy children, maybe I don't recommend this? We follow Skye as she looks for her sister Dierdre who has gone missing. Throughout the book, it alternates between the present and the past which I really liked because you get a feel for Skye and Deirdre's relationship, and let me tell you I absolutely LOVED that. I love books that have a sole focus on sibling relationships, so that was a winner for me.

However, I found my feelings for this to be quite similar to Dark Beneath the Ice. Where it starts off strong, and it all goes down from there. It's like there is this huge amazing idea when it comes to the horror/creepy element, and then the author doesn't know what to do and then rushes it to end it. If that makes ANY sense.

Another thing I didn't really like was Skye and Deirdre and how people (especially skye) acted towards Deirdre. Yes I know it's normal and typical, and entirely realistic, it just rubbed me the way and if you've read this (or when you do) you will understand. And Skye? I'm sorry, but she was a bitch to everyone, especially her family, and especially to Deirdre. I get how little sisters are annoying, but how she was... was too much for me.

Now with the horror element, again like Dark Beneath the Ice, I wish it was done so much better because the idea is there, and it's great, but the execution was poor.