A review by interpretagain
Imaginary Friend, by Stephen Chbosky


Anyone who claimed this book was too long, can eat several bags of dicks.

Maybe I loved this book because it twisted the overarching bible story a bit. Maybe I loved it because I felt like I bonded with Christopher and his mother. Maybe I loved it because it took everyday people and uncovered the mundane bullshit in each of their lives.

Overall, I think I really loved it because it's a story about redemption. Pain and suffering exist in life, people make mistakes. This doesn't mean one has to suffer eternally, paying for the crimes you've committed.

The devil trying desperately to get out of hell and slowly eating away at the world and people's minds seems to me a great metaphor for regret, and the only way out is through letting go of the chain that connects everyone, and every bad thing you've ever done and experienced in life-- by simply by deciding to do so.

Pain has happened, it makes us who we are. That doesn't mean we have to hold onto it forever. We can choose to let go.