A review by 0range
Orange City, by Lee M. Goldberg


A pretty good dystopian novel. The concept is interesting and different. It’s a city in the middle of nowhere controlled by a sufficiently gross and creepy villain; he watches everyone all the time. People always feel like they’ve gotten into some exclusive club when they first arrive, but they gradually become disillusioned and the reality that they will never be allowed to leave really sets in. The protagonist, Graham, is chosen as the guinea pig for a new soda. The soda is used very creatively to control and manipulate the population. I thought the various effects of different flavors and their corresponding colors was cool and well explored. Character development was weak, but it is going to be a series so I imagine they’ll be given room to grow. The two women were so similar that I for the first half of the book I got them confused several times. The way they were written they could literally be the same person. Other than that I don’t really have much criticism; the ending was strong and set up the next installment very well. I would definitely read the next book.

I received an advance copy for free from BookSirens, and am leaving this review voluntarily.