A review by sydsize00
A Merry Little Meet Cute by Julie Murphy, Sierra Simone


This book was tough for me to get into… Once I got into the plot a little further I was definitely more engaged but the whole time I knew exactly how the story was going to go so I felt like I was just waiting. The big conflict doesn’t come until very late in the book, so while the first 300 pages are somewhat fun, it makes me wonder why the book had to be so long.

I like the big girl representation but it’s almost as if the writers couldn’t decide if they wanted her to struggle with her body image or be confident in it, and I wish they had just picked one of those routes and stuck with it.

I liked both of the main characters, but I don’t feel like we really got to see them connect on an emotional level? Obviously they are physically attracted to each other but I still don’t know where the emotional connection to create insta-love came in. I did however love that this book was dual POV!

Overall this was a cute, christmassy story. It wasn’t necessarily a quick read for me, but it was an easy one. There are some good themes that could have been developed more if the authors just picked one instead of throwing in the whole kitchen sink. The smut was great, the banter was okay, the characters were likable.