A review by emiharpreads
The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels by India Holton


Egads, this book was absurd. And I absolutely adored it.

It seriously had everything I could ever hope for: a strong FMC, hilarity, romance, sarcasm, tension, violence, thievery...and it was all packed in a well-thought out plot that was actually a fresh idea for once. Also, the cast of characters list and chapter titles were just *chefs kiss*.

The characters were delightful:
Cecilia - absolutely brilliant and I loved the way that her character stayed exactly the same, even as she began to have to fight against new feelings that she had only ever read about. She took no BS from anyone but did it in the most ladylike way I've ever seen.

Ned - the way he bent to Cecelia's every demand for decency was swoon-worthy. It took me a second to keep track of his many names and for a half a chapter, I thought they were all different people. He can help me steal a house any day.

Mrs. Darlington - had me simultaneously rolling my eyes and cackling every time she opened her mouth.

Pleasance - I can't lie, I am still not 100% sure what was going on with her and I am weirdly ok with that.

Morvath - was...something else.

Everyone else - matched the same level of absurdity as the main characters.

A quick note on the tension between Cecelia and Ned, from the moment they met:

That is all.

In general, the book was funny from beginning to end. I know that I disturbed a person or two in my house and/or out in the wild from laughing so hard. The little jabs at men had me giggling, especially the comment from the Queen about the reasons that led to her conclusion that men had no backbone. That tangent left me cackling tonight.

All in all, I don't understand why people hate this book so much. It isn't even my usual preferred genre but was, instead, a happy accident that happened at the library. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs something with a fantastic plot and cast of characters that also feels light enough to fall and truly escape into.