A review by alixiroflife
Brideshead Revisited, by Evelyn Waugh


-okay so BLUF: i liked this book, i enjoyed reading this book, i will definitely read this book again
-like great aesthetics, great vibes, the descriptions were really luxurious and calming
-BUT that being said... i didn't really like the writing that much? it was a little empty, and honestly a lot of the characters (especially the women) felt very one dimensional
-also the pacing felt off... like there was SO much focus on sebastian that the whole family unit fixated on and then the interest just dropped off? i don't really buy it
-anyway really liked this book but hahaha i'll be contrarian and just say i don't fully get why it's a classic other than its very classy and posh and i think people like that stuff (i do too i just don't think it makes it a good book lmao)