A review by laurac77
Capital Without Borders: Wealth Managers and the One Percent, by Brooke Harrington


Really interesting book, although I can see why it might not appeal to everyone. The author went to school to become a certified wealth manager, and while at school she interviewed other wealth managers about their experiences and learned about the profession in general. She was able to get information about the super-rich and their finances that wouldn't be available any other way: how they maintain their fortunes, how they view their status, how their fortunes interact with various governments and regulatory bodies.
For how interesting the material was, the book was rather dense. The author goes into lots of sociology descriptions of how wealthy people and wealth managers interact with each other and the outside world. Things are well-researched and there are many citations, and the material is definitely worth spending some time to read through. Just be aware it's not something that you can just finish in one sitting.