A review by minmokh
Knife Edge, by Malorie Blackman


Even though I felt as though Callum shouldn't have died in Noughts & Crosses (as, I'm sure, everyone agrees with), I liked the introduction to Jude's voice, which gave us an insight into what goes on in his mind and the motives behind his actions.

And then obviously you have Sephy who is struggling to care for her own daughter. I won't spoil the events that occur in the book, but, just as you begin to see a glimpse of hope and happiness for Sephy, it all just comes crashing back down. Prepare yourselves.

I also thought that this book was slightly slower than Noughts & Crosses and obviously there isn't the relationship between Callum and Sephy to enjoy (though, I will say, it's a recurring, for lack of a better word, thing in the book). Very excited to move on to the next book!