A review by stellukka
We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart


this book in one sentence: started as shit and slowly became better.

Okay but in all seriousness the first 100 pages were 1. Boring 2. Confusing 3. Way too artsy and poetic for my preference. But after the first time 100 pages (note that it's a 200 page book so basically half of the book) it slowly started gaining some momentum and started having a plot.

I have heard some people say that this book is the best they have ever read... I disagree. I have also heard that people have found some life changing quotes from this book that they have later gotten tattooed. I have no idea if I even read the same novel cause I didn't find find any. (Will check out other people's reviews afterwords to try and gain some insight.) It didn't leave me heartbroken, but maybe that's just me.

and one last thing of annoyance is the way the text was composed. It was probably some cool modern literature thing that went over my head. But on the first 50 to 100 pages the sentences,
went like,
And to add on to this rant is the sheer amount of figure speech and metaphors. Sometimes it was hard to even differentiate metaphors and actual events.

All in all..
would I read it again? no.
would I recommend it? highly doubt it unless they really liked more abstract and absurd novels.
did it end up in my top 3 worst novels list? no, so it wasn't terrible.
a tiny update: read some other reviews and watched tiktoks about the book and they really opened it way more to me. Might have even shed a tear, but all in all it gave me more depth to the story and gave me some explanations. I would now give the book 2 1/2 stars