A review by ndavis8880
The American Way of Eating, by Tracie McMillan


Good Food Shouldn’t be a Privilege

It never occurred to me that being within walking distance to a grocery store that sells fresh produce, and within driving distance to countless others, was a privilege, but now I can clearly see that it is. I’m going to be a lot more mindful of all the work that went into getting that produce close to me, especially the farm workers at the beginning of the process. It’s disgusting that a system exists to pay working people so little for work that I’m not sure “skilled” workers could do.
This book reenforces my belief that the poor are often the most generous. And the fact that a person can work and still be poor and unable to meet all their basic needs is something every US citizen should be ashamed of. There’s got to be a better was to make society more equitable.