A review by steph_k_103
Heaven by Mieko Kawakami


I know this book probably has heaps of symbolism and things you can pick apart and really analyse, but me brain right now is kinda frozen. Like… this was quite a transforming read. It wasn’t dramatic. It wasn’t climactic. It wasn’t pretentious but it wasn’t boring. It wasn’t dense but it wasn’t light either.

This book was multidirectional and took you on a clear journey through the life of the MC. Each character was different. It thought the commentary on right and wrong being subjective was eye opening. Especially when Momose has those philosophical moments. I particularly liked the overarching focus on solidarity. Especially the relationship between the MC and Kohima. Yes there was bullying but the book had so much more meaning which is hard for me to explain right now because me poor pea brain can’t vocalise my opinions clearly :)