A review by william_pauley_3
The Mondo Vixen Massacre, by Jamie Grefe


It’s that time of year again, folks. Time to roll out this year’s new bizarro author’s via the NBAS (New Bizarro Authors Series) and if this book is any indication, then I’d say this bunch is the grittiest and most bizarre yet.

You see, I just finished reading Jamie Grefe’s THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE and never before have I read something so gruesome. In the first fifteen pages or so, our hero – Schoolteacher Tom, is being tortured to death…well, almost to death. Despite being beaten, battered, fed (yes, fed), scrubbed, sliced, whipped, [insert the most bizarre form of torture you can think of, it’s here…believe me – Grefe has covered every track], etc, etc, etc, Tom is still kicking and mad as all hell.

And if that’s not enough, his son is ripped apart in front of him and his wife is taken away from him…oh, then his house caves in on him. BUT IT’S OKAY, cause our hero Tom doesn’t let it get him down. He’s one tough mutha. And besides…Schoolteacher Tom doesn’t get sad, he gets EVEN.

Without giving too much away, Tom goes on a quest to save his wife (whether or not she is even alive at this point is unknown to him, but he won’t settle for not knowing) and to seek revenge on the brutal, monster-hearted vixens that threw his life in shambles.

THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE is an ultraviolent, over-the-top B-movie turned book turned B-movie, featuring the grittiest, most resilient hero ever written (more resilient than even John McClane, if you can believe it). Grefe is a shoe-in for a career writing bizarro fiction. He’s got chops, for sure. Do your part in helping him sell some books so we can all see what else this madman has up his sleeve. Do we dare ask?