A review by squishies
The Stone Key, by Isobelle Carmody


Whenever people see how thick this book is, they can't help but crack jokes about needing a forklift to carry it around. It is quite thick and I'm not sure it really needed to be that long.

It seems that there's a lot more premonitions that happen to help things get done - a lot more than the other novels. Hmm. Sometimes it just seems a bit too convenient.

Also, I kind of got annoyed by the message left by Kasanda. I mean, if you know you don't have that much time to say what you need to say, but did you really have to explain (or make vague references to) why the laptop works after so long? Or offhandedly say stuff about eluding time a couple of times in her life? And after saying all that, wouldn't you know it, the computer shorts out just before Kasanda could say something important. *aggrieved sigh*

Gah. Despite all that, one reviewer (Choupette) said: "She's got us all by the balls [...:] because I just freaking want to know what happens at the end." It's so true.