A review by loreofthebooks
Here There Are Monsters, by Amelinda Bérubé


Skye's sister, Deidre disappears one afternoon. Skye is determined to find out what happened to her younger sister. Beneath this veneer of civility, something dark awaits...

I should help. I should do something. But the thought is distant, muted, like it's trapped under a thick pane of glass.

To be clear, I saw the cover, saw the description and went "ooooooh!" in excitement. Also to be clear: this was not a bad book by any stretch of the imagination, I just didn't really like it. It was an okay book.

I like to end on a high note, so I'm going to start with the things I disliked.

The middle half of the book on was a mess. It wasn't even a good, confusing mess, it was just a weird, odd mess. I was at about 68% and it was losing my interest fast. I had been taking notes up to that point -- but by about then I was ready to quit so I stopped taking notes. It wasn't nearly as complicated as it seemed at first.

And the one thing I really hate, and don't get why horror/thriller etc writers do it is
Spoilerkilling the cat/other animals
. It doesn't build tension, all it does is make me want to put the book down. I was hoping for more from that.

The characters weren't particularly strong at any point. In fact most of them were annoying and I didn't care about them at all. None of them. I didn't find a single one of the characters likable.

All the ending and climax was...lacking. Severely lacking for me.

All the kingdoms were ruled by queens.

I get that this was supposed to be a creepy/spooky book, and it certainly had a great atmosphere and felt like that at first. But again, at about 68% it really felt like the book lost that tone and went on a weird trip to another dimension. There were clues dropped throughout the book about the ending, and when I read the ending, I understood it.

I really thought the plot would have been a good one had it stuck with the beginning plot, instead of deviating.

The book itself though, was beautifully written. I think it was great writing, and great creation of tension and atmosphere, but unfortunately, it was let down partway through.

Overall, I think people will like this book. It is perfectly creepy and spooky, and a good fall read.