A review by nxrrum
The Fine Print, by Lauren Asher


4.75/5 ⭐️

no words can explain how much i love this book.

not a 5 star because it didn’t give me the 5 star book book, but still deserves to be appreciated and loved regardless.

the humor, the teasing, the way i was blushing?? everything was top notch.

i am absolutely in love with rowan kent.

the way zahra, is an arabic name which is *chef’s kiss* especially cz i LOVE that name (and some representation!!), AND she’s a romance reader as well?? hell yes.

i loved when she said that she’s always wanted to fall for the morally gray character in the romance books she reads. like hello?? this is me and every other romance reader to ever exist.

god this book warmed my heart in so many ways i absolutely loved it so much.

regarding the spice