A review by aghoststory
Walk The Darkness Down, by John Boden


A gal never forgets her first western.

Walk the Darkness Down seems to live in-universe that is thick and covered in a haze and bad vibes. It is truly a story unlike any I have read before. It’s bloody and magnificent. In under two hundred words, Boden was able to create a wonderous slow burn while kicking the dust-up with strong, unique characters and moments that will make your skin crawl and gasp out loud.

There are so many things about this story that I enjoyed, but of course, I have to talk the brilliant characters. Levi is the worst. In the book, he is described as something from a bad dream. He is pure evil but the kind of evil that you cannot help but love. You never know what he is going to do, but you know that it is going to be dramatic and bloody. Y'all, it is seriously twisted. Keaton and Jubal are two loners just trying to survive when they first meet. I grew so attached to them. Jones is out for revenge when he finds someone who changes his heart. The unlikely friendships that slithered its way into the story were so wonderful, and a great reminder that sometimes you meet people when you need it.

Boden’s writing quickly became a favorite of mine. His words are so rich and flow with such ease. From the beginning, you can just feel that something underlining is happening. There is a kind of mysticism hovering over the words. Truth be told, I was not aware that there was a whole sub-genre for this feeling, and I am hungry for more.

Walk the Darkness Down is a weird, fantastic book. While there is so much brilliantly written gore, I found that it has so many more elements in it that are touching and real. I could not recommend this book more.

*Thank you to the author, John Boden, for sending a copy of the book for review!*