A review by february
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Secondary Phase by Douglas Adams


The episodes for the Secondary Phase were ones I was familiar with as they were also a part of the collection my college friend gave me a loan of once she'd found I was a big fan of the books. Feelings of nostalgia washed over me to listen to these again. Truth be told, I thought the memory of
Spoilergiant birds living in the left ear of a gigantic statue of Arthur Dent throwing Nutrimatic cup that managed to hang in the air "mid-hurl" due to being Art
was just a fever dream.

As with the Primary Phase, there are some audio issues here, though not quite as bad and relegated to the middlish parts. There were also some bits--again, somewhere middlish--that did not quite hit me then nor now, but there were also some bangers in there, like trying (and failing) to deal a blow to Zaphod's ego and The Man in the Shack.

The conclusion of this Audible release included an interview with Douglas Adams which I had not heard before. The man was brilliant and articulate, as one would expect. I could hear it in that interview, why his style of writing appealed to me beyond just the humor. It makes me miss him all the more.