A review by felyn
Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Vol. 18: Venom by David Michelinie, Tom DeFalco, Mark Bagley, Cynthia Martin, Todd McFarlane, Alex Saviuk, Ann Nocenti


Utterly terrible. I'm not going to get into the utter shit, sexist writing, or the even worse art. (Though heads up, Mary Jane exists for two purposes: sex and damsel in distress.) Instead, let's consider the name of this volume: Venom. He appears in all of 2-3 issues in the entire collection. They introduce him so briefly, but the intro of the symbiote, Peter's subsequent black suit, and Venom finding Eddie? None of that is here. Instead, we get a menagerie of other Spidey villains. But no Venom.

All in all, this isn't worth your money. Hard skip. It adds nothing to your comics knowledge/enjoyment.