A review by rachel93
Remember by Karen Kingsbury, Gary Smalley


Remember is the second book in the Redemption series. Like with the first this one also carries a message. Honor One Another. Which is very prominent through the second half of this book.

In this the main focus is Ashley Baxter and Landon Blake. Don’t worry though the rest of the family is in this. One of the bigger things though is that one of the settings in this book is New York City on 9/11. Which as mentioned above is where the message of this story plays a part. I enjoyed not only reading Ashley’s and Landon’s story but also of Ashley’s journey back to God. I also enjoyed Kari and Ryan as well. There’s also a major plot point in this between Luke and Reagan that plays a big role I believe in book three. While well written and hard to put down at time this can be a tear jerker for some.

I’m enjoying the series so far and am very much looking forward to reading more about the Baxter family. Definitely recommend.