A review by babygyalreadit
Sweatpants Season, by Danielle Allen


This is very much my type of enemies to lovers. I want you but I shouldn’t. I like you so much, I can’t stay away but I need to. I can’t stop thinking about you and that pisses me off. I can’t help but fall for you but I’m scared. Ahh I loved it.

Akila is also very much my type of heroine smart, suffocated, strong, independent, funny & confident. I loved everything she stood for and I loved her background. I did want to slap her at times with how hard she was fighting her feelings for Carlos but I also understand her reasons so it was weird lol.

Carlos is husband material period. That man was dripping confidence, dominance, and he was so seductive and calming to be around. I felt like I knew him in real life. I admire how patient he was with Akila and that he treated her like an equal. I loved them together.

I’m not sure why I didn’t give it the full 5, maybe bc it’s single POV or something else but there was something missing I can’t put my finger on.