A review by prosewhore
Everything About You by Heather Child


I got a chance to read this book thank's to Netgalley.
This thriller came out just a couple days ago and I hope it will get the success it deserves !!

I dived into the book not really knowing what to expect. I read a lot of thrillers but none of them are set in a futuristic, tech crazy version of our world and I am not a huge science fiction fan. But Oh what a pleasant surprise this story was.

Freya is a young woman unable to live her life to the fullest as she is haunted by the memory of her foster sister, Ruby, who disappeared without a trace years ago. She is gifted this device that is supposed to improve her productivity and help her take decisions, but when she tries it out for the first time she is taken aback, the persona and voice randomly generated by the gadget is based of non other than Ruby's data. The device starts to mentions newer things the real Ruby could have never known about if she were dead. If Ruby is alive and producing data still, the device could be picking it up and Freya could well be adressing an "older version" of her sister she loves so. The hope that she might be hiding off somewhere is rekindled in Freya and it obsesses her more and more..

If this absorbing and moving novel is the author's first then I am dying to see what she will next come up with ! I loved Freya's character, she is a relatable twenty something and having personally experienced death in my family fairly early on in life I can understand her constant questioning and the unnecessary blame she puts on herself. Despite that aspect of her history and the trauma it caused her, she remains driven, the problem being the only path she wants to follow is one that would lead her to Ruby. But is it truly possible that Ruby hid away for years with cameras and face recognition technology everywhere ? Could this quest be more dangerous than Freya ever thought ? And is this technology driven world as enticing as it first seems to be ?

Heather Child perfectly encapsulated what being a young adult in such a fast paced world feels like, except this one is much more scary than ours !!
I'm afraid you will have to read the book if you want to know any more ;)
But I can promise an entertaining and imaginative read you won't want to put down!