A review by bekkibee22
House of Hollow by Krystal Sutherland


This book had something very odd and weird about it but oddly satisfying with the fairy tale feel to it.

We follow the book from the POV of Iris the youngest sister of the 3 hollow sisters, after years of a complete mystery that happened to them when they were children, the thing is they can't remember anything about it, they seems to vanish out of thing air and then return a month later naked and bedazzled, they looked the same but after a while they werent quite themselves with eyes that change, hair that went white and a few other difference about them, but that's not all they seem to have this weird magical power that enthrall anyone and lets them control them.

Iris and her sister Vivi are due to meet up with their eldest sister but she never shows and soon a feeling hits them both that something has happened to Grey, so they start to look for her and find clues in her old bedroom, soon they find out that she has been taken again back to this whatever world, so they decide they will save her, but it soon turns into so much more, when a man seems to be on the hunt for them and weird things happen with death, flowers and a putrid deaths smell.

Then Iris and her sister and Tylor (Grey's boyfriend) return to this in-between place and Iris soon discover that the mum hunting them is their father Gabe, this is when Iris learns that they aren't who they believed they are and are actually monsters who are wearing the skin of the 3 hollow sisters, and Gabe always knew when he was alive they weren't his daughters so want revenge for what they had done and also for himself as Grey made him kill himself.

Overall this never really felt like it was going anywhere when I read it and its ended on a somewhat cliffhanger of Iris and Vivi returning to do something, but we never know what and why and if they succeed. This has been one of the strangest books i have read and also a little bit of a messed up story.