A review by hunterlovesneilperry
Three Women, by Lisa Taddeo

dark emotional reflective medium-paced


i was dissapointed. this book had so much potential, and it failed. it circles around three cis straight white women, who should not be at the forefront representation of «this is pleasure for women».

the way sloane would in deatil talk about her internalised fatphobia, and that she needed to be skinny, made me as a plus size person, feel disgusted with myself. 

lina starts off her part by talking about getting raped, and then you’re left with this feeling of «oh my god» because reading about rape is in no way fun or interesting. but she leaves it at that. she never brings it up again, and i was so obvious that her need for sexual attention comes from unhealed wounds.

maggie was just very complicated not gonna lie. i dont even know how to get into that.

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