A review by sisteray
Wilson by Daniel Clowes


It is masterfully done. I like that the vignettes are set up like a comic strip with a little punchline at the end. The change in art for every page comes across beautifully. As a conceptual piece I'd give this 5 stars. But the problem is that Wilson sucks, and while there are a couple occasional chuckles and tender moments to be had, I found the read to be mostly unpleasant and I couldn't wait for it to be over. I feel cheated that I wasted any of my energy following this douche-bag's life. Worst of all is that the story follows him into his dotage, but you aren't even granted of the schadenfreude of his death. I would have liked this considerably more if the last act of this book was just page after page of someone beating the crap out of him.