A review by ranforingus
Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake


Happily surprised doesn't even begin to describe the feeling I had reading this book.
I literally hung onto every page, eager to know more, to experience the story with our hero(es).

Anna Dressed in Blood is an extremely engaging book that at no point felt slow or poorly executed in terms of plot.
It DID feel a lot like the 'Supernatural'-tv series, but I guess with ghost stories there's only so much originality you can expect as most have been done to death a million times before (no pun intended).

Favorite character: Will Rosenberg. Where do you find a smart jock? An ACTUALLY smart one that has an agenda of his own? I wasn't expecting a character like him to appear in a book like this and then suddenly... WHAM! I was completely obsessed.

And then the Big Bad killed him... And took bites out of him...

Well ding dong dang it!

I really wanted to know more about him, but alas, it was not to be.
Please give us more characters like him, and pretty please don't kill them so I don't have to spend the last third of the book cursing the author for this grievous mistake.

A close second would be Anna, the titular girl with a neat fashion trick (Tired of the same old white dress? Turn your veins black and let blood spill all over your clothes, new outfit like THAT!)
I really loved the way she tended to flip between the well-mannered, sweet innocent little girl with a sarcastic streak a mile wide. Into, as our MC Cass says it best 'a beautiful Goddess of death', who'll rip your limbs off and disembowel you just because...

All in all, this book was a lot better than even the short summary I read, and I'd already been impressed by that, so well done Kendare Blake, well done indeed.

Now give us another one!

I'm eagerly looking forward to the next book, so until then...

Over and Out!