A review by bexbooksandstuff
The Lucky Escape by Laura Jane Williams


I really enjoyed Our Stop and so knew I had to pick up her next book!

This was such a light, quick read. I stormed through it in 24 hours! No mean feat with a 5 year old demanding attention! It was a fun, bubbly read that was exactly what I needed to end my summer holiday!

I was a little unsure about the whole, taking a guy you've only just met, on your honeymoon after being jilted at the altar, but it did seem to work. I originally thought she would have been better off taking Adzo or even Freddie! They would have been equally helpful at helping her find her lost self. However Paddy's enthusiasm and zest for life was a necessary tonic and so it worked well.

I enjoyed the journey of self discovery and the strength of character that arose. The characters were all great fun (except her mother - I wanted to tell her off something rotten!) But her friends were great