A review by mopherad
The Other Side of Forestlands Lake, by Carolyn Elizabeth


This started out really strong. The set up was fantastic. But then it gets going and it feels like it starts to lose the spooky paranormal stuff a bit. Some character stuff seems to happen to fast and then bam it just hits the third act and everything is solved. So much that was set up never really mattered and everything just got so happy. Your kidding me with the “was it paranormal or not” bit too. Was 4 stars till near the end a then really dropped down.

Writing wise, real smooth, easy to just keep going. Story wise was a bit trope-y but I think that’s fine for this genre. I would say most books I give 3 stars I would want them to trim down, this one I think needed to expand, let it get spooky more. Take some time with it.