A review by silverdire
Angel: Aftermath, by Stefano Martino, Dave Ross, Kelley Armstrong


Reading this was just...painful. I don't know any way else to describe it. A big part of the problem was the artwork. The characters were practically unrecognizable. Enough so that it felt like I was reading a book set in a completely different series. Also, the characters were mostly drawn superhero style: ridiculously over exaggerated muscles & the ever present gravity defying breasts.

I might have been able to deal with this if the writing was on par. But either the publishers allowed the author, Kelley Armstrong, no latitude or she's simply awful at dialogue. The plot is almost non-existant and, once again, the characters are almost unrecognizable in their thoughts and speech.

My advice is to skip this one. It's a fairly self contained story and doesn't add much to the canon (if it was even meant to be canon). You won't be missing much.