A review by blodeuedd
Alien Nation, by Gini Koch


So obviously this review is filled with spoilers, it is book 14 after all. That is a lot of books! Kitty is now the first lady and Martini is the president. Yup, stuff happened and that came to play. She is of course the most kick.ass first lady that there ever has been. She has lots of other alien buddies, she has her animals and she has her enemies.

Earth is, well we suck. We are pretty evil and we can fight. And now lots of aliens are coming. And not at the best of times since well duh an ALIEN is the president of the USA! Everyone is now cheering, some are pretty pissed. Humans are petty things. But hey I get it, if an alien as the president is a lot to take in. We do not even like our neighbours, how can we like people from space now too?!

But I must say, there is still a lot of talking in these books. Maybe there always was, but these days I am just, get to the action! They talk, think and talk for ages, and then finally action, and that was over pretty quickly. And then we are left with...well I can not say that, cos that was a real spoiler, all these other things I have mentioned were just a reminder to read all those 13 books before this one. Oh and the music thing, it is also getting a bit too much, I do not need to know every song she is listening too. More like the highlights.

A brave new world, with hot aliens (and some not so hot *coughs*). A kick-ass series with a smart heroine that knows how to handle things, and does not need a man to save her or the day.