A review by abetterjulie
Fairy Tale Review, The Coral Issue (Fairy Tale Review #16), by Abigail Cloud, Linda Malnack, Kate Bernheimer, Anna Short, Cassandra J. Bruner, Todd Dillard, Lisa Fishman, Anjali Sachdeva, Sara Duff, Maia McPherson, Flower Conroy, Mary Ardery, Angela Buck, Beth Steidle, Kyle Marbut, Jon Riccio, My Tran, Sarah Salway, Erin Rodoni, Mark Wunderlich, Brianna Noll, Brian Michael Murphy, Manuel Paul Lopez, Adam Peterson, William Todd Seabrook, Matt Bell, Benjamin Schaefer


I finally splurged and bought myself an issue. I've been wanting one for years, and it did not disappoint. My favorite was the short story, Year of the Mirror, by Sara Duff. Worth it for that story alone, but the whole book was excellent. My enthusiasm for Duff's story made a friend pick up a copy, and now they've subscribed. It's THAT good.