A review by kwdubz
Lava Red Feather Blue, by Molly Ringle


I'm a sucker for fairytale retellings!

This was a really cute, new take on Sleeping Beauty. A 1700s Prince is put under a sleeping spell and awakes centuries later to discover the world is a much different place then when he left?! Yes please!

I thought the balance of fae/fantasy elements with modern technology was well done. The magic was well explained and seemed natural.

If I have a main criticism of the book it would be that it was too short. I think for how interested I was in this world 350 pages wasn't enough. I wanted more character development and deeper relationships, I wanted more history of the fae/human coexistence, and I wanted to see more of the island.

Merrick and Larkin were really cute, I just felt like their relationship was a little forced. Give them more time to get to know each other and they would be a natural couple. Seeing as the whole book took place over the course of about a week, I think it was rushed.

The pacing was a little strange in places. There were scenes that I felt could have been given more attention while others had too much time dedicated to them.

Overall, this was a really solid read and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a nice escape into a fantasy world. I'm hoping for a sequel of sorts so we can see more character development from Merrick and Larkin and see more of the world. 350 pages wasn't enough.