A review by ljrinaldi
Lola and the new school by Keka Novales


Cute chapter book about what it is like to go to a new school and make friends.

Lola's grandmother still lives in Guatamala, where her mother came from. She speaks both Spanish and English. Her mother has gotten her into a private school, and she is scared to go, because she doesn't know anyone there.

Her first bus ride there, someone bullies her, but she keeps thinking positive thoughts, and makes friends along the way. When she tells her grandmother about her day, her Abolita says that it helps to know the whole story, and see if perhaps there is a reason for him being a bully.

Cute look at Lola's day, and her struggles to fit in to the new school. Short, quick read, with lots of positive things, other than the bully that happen to Lola.

Thanks to Netgalley for making this book available for an honest review.