A review by bahamamama
The Invisible Husband of Frick Island, by Colleen Oakley

dark emotional mysterious reflective sad tense medium-paced


Grief and hope ebb and flow in this story much like the waves lapping the shores of remote Frick Island. A story about how far we will go to comfort loved ones and the strange accommodations we make when faced with grief and loneliness. 

Overall, this was an interesting story that piqued my curiosity. There was an air of mystery that kept me thinking about this story even when I wasn't reading. "There were more buried secrets on this island than on a sunken treasure ship . . ." (ch. 26) However, there were several cringe-worthy moments, such as the author's insulting choice to mock neurodivergent people with the phrase "Proud Father Tourette's" (ch.24).

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