A review by scipiodadawg
Imaginary Friend, by Stephen Chbosky


It is such a shame that this book fell apart. It was intriguing for maybe the first 20% but without even getting into too much the pacing is dragged out and what he does as an author is incredibly frustrating. He wears his Stephen King inspirations on his sleeve which is nice, but it becomes too much at a point. He also tends to repeat things in a way that I think he believes is interesting, and to his credit they start that way, but he beats a dead horse with every one of these unique things.
On to the plot. The twists that occur with the two main forces feels so out of left field that I would still feel robbed on a reread. Chbosky really lays out all his "facts" and then laughs at your face for falling for it with a big reveal. An example of this is a character's diary has a secret code but it is broken up in a way that even going back it is intentionally obscuring key parts until the author slaps you with his "reveal". The whole thing falls into a Christian fantasy which is only upsetting because there's no reasonable way to know this beforehand. If it had been more upfront about this I could at least respect it in that regard.

I do not believe I will recommend this for anyone, because even the book tells you to forgive your enemies.