A review by imme_van_gorp
Twisted Love by Ana Huang


First read: October 2022 | ★3.5 stars
Second read: March 2024 | ★3.5 stars

I’m not sure how to feel about this one. I mean, I liked it, but it really was pretty ridiculous.

Alex’s silly alpha-male behaviour made me snort through my nose or role my eyes at least fifty percent of the time; I just could not take him all that seriously.
The plot was also overdramatic and some of the phrases used were just awkward. The writing will definitely not be winning any awards sometime soon.

However, I did enjoy a lot of the jealousies, overprotectiveness, possessiveness, and just the general idea of Alex hating everything in the world except for Ava. I love it when a man has a soft spot for his love interest only. And although Alex could be overbearing, he truly was devoted to Ava. He cared a lot about her and always treated her delicately; except during sex where he could be rough-ish and called her degrading names, which, to be honest, wasn’t my favourite dynamic, but whatever. At least it never went too far or played a huge part in the story. And honestly, a lot of the things Alex did for Ava in everyday life were genuinely very sweet and I even swooned once or twice.

I also appreciated that Ava wasn’t a doormat. Even though Ava was sweet and pure, she did not let Alex walk all over her. Not even at the beginning, and especially not at the end. When Alex really fucked up, she literally let this man grovel for over a year. Love that for her. 

Long story short, this book had its flaws and it was kind of ridiculous, but I did enjoy it quite a bit. It entertained me and I liked a lot of the romantic tropes present here.
It wasn't mind-blowing or even close to being one of the better romances out there, but overall, I liked the book. Just shut off your brain and try not to take it too seriously: I promise this read has the potential to be mostly fun if you do so.