A review by emilycm
Childhood, Youth, Dependency: The Copenhagen Trilogy, by Tove Ditlevsen

dark emotional reflective sad tense medium-paced


with this being my introduction to ditlevsen's writing and life, i am certainly going to explore more of her other work now extensively. there's something so captivating about this set of memoirs, split into three appropriate sections, and i have so many words of how i feel about it. ditlevsen writes with a raw, unapologetic nature that's rough around the edges, but tender and vulnerable in the center. the feeling of this escalates by the third act, dependency, and i felt that everything was just spilling off the page, as if i was in the room watching this woman's life unfold; it's remarkably heartbreaking and beautiful all at once, and i am entirely enamored with her perspective and thought on these experiences she dealt with. there's beauty, pain, and the authentic experience of broken pieces of a life desperately trying to come together written so hauntingly. read this; it will change you.

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