A review by books_nooks_spooks
N0S4A2, by Joe Hill


This book just sounded so dark and horrifying to me so of course, I had to read it! Although he is not a main character, I thought Bing Partridge was a brilliantly written, disgusting little creeper and even though he was vile, he was a great addition to the story. I also loved the idea of breathing life into the psychic concept and using it to create this tangible, mysterious dimension. I think the author has an easy to read writing style but despite this book being 600+ pages long, I feel that not a lot actually happened and it seemed repetitive at times. The things I wanted to go deeper into, the surface was just grazed. As for Vic McQueen, I did not like her! She was incredibly obnoxious and selfish. I wanted more Christmasland/children/Manx instead of her. I will admit aswell that although I tried not too, I couldn’t help but compare Manx to James Mason as Straker in Salem’s lot!