A review by bundy23
Weather, by Jenny Offill


I wasn’t a fan of [b:Dept. of Speculation|17402288|Dept. of Speculation|Jenny Offill|https://i.gr-assets.com/images/S/compressed.photo.goodreads.com/books/1367929545l/17402288._SX50_.jpg|24237023] but there must have enough there to make me interested enough to try this… and it is a bit better… not really a plot just a very long stream-of-consciousness sort of thing… i’ve read reviews pointing out the “wit” and “humour” but I completely missed any of that stuff, all I got was depression and fear… I wasn’t entertained but it did have something okay going on, I just can’t say what because I can’t figure out what it was myself… 2.66 stars