A review by nytephoenyx
Edgar Allan Poe: Master of Horror, by Mark Canada

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If you enjoy Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories in particular, this one is for you. It’s been awhile since I delved into one of my favourite poets - easily a decade - so while I knew quite a bit about his history and career in the first handful of lectures, it was a collection of “oh yeah, I’d forgotten that!” moments rather than a bore. 
Very little time is spent analysing Poe’s poetry - I find myself actually straining to remember if Annabel Lee (which I believe is one of his most well-known poems?) was even mentioned. This probably should have been expected, since the title of the lecture contains the phrase “master of horror” but I did find myself a bit disappointed considering the depth of critical analysis that went into pieces like The Masque of the Red Death and Fall of the House of Usher only to have a poetry feel like a footnote. Other than The Raven, that is, which has a lecture all its own. 
Nonetheless, this is an overall interesting lecture and provides a lot of groundwork for those who are interested in learning more and Edgar Allan Poe as well as those who want to dig a little deeper into his more renown short stories. Canada is a fantastic teacher and presents the topic with an air of excitement that makes it incredibly accessible to the listener.

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