A review by jezebelsk
California Demon by Julie Kenner


California Demon is the second in the series of The Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom. Kate Connor is that mom. Balancing a teenage daughter, an active toddler, a husband running for office - and oh, yeah, killing demons that happen to invade her California town! Not to mention the secret part. Didn't I mention that? Only Kate's best friend, her former trainer and her guide (kinda like a Watcher) know her secret. So it's not like she can encourage her husband to pick up the toddler because she is busy tailing a demon!!!

A demon is targetting the kids at Kate's daughter's school. Kids are acting strangely - even for teenagers. And there's a new teacher who seems to be taking an overt interest in these same kids. Now it's Kate's job to find out if he's friend or foe - before it's too late!

I love this series. I was a huge Buffy fan, and these books make me feel like Buffy grew up and is living in the suburbs. My rating: 3/5