A review by teenage_reads
Hrdinkou snadno a rychle, by Meg Cabot


It’s not every day you save the president. This is exactly what our main girl Samantha Madison did. Samantha middle child of the popular cheerleader Lucy, and her genius little sister Rebecca. With that Samantha took her one passion to the extreme. Art. Because of that she was sent off to art classes. With that she started too resented (helped by Lucy’s boyfriend) the art teacher Susan Boone. For that she skipped class one day where out of nowhere she manages to save the president of the United States for a bullet. With that her life takes a turn for the good and the worst.

Her hatred for Susan Boone was a little bit much. Like really? You cannot handle people dissing your work? And (although she thought it was stumping her imagination) even I the reader understood what Susan was talking about drawing what you see. For that it put a label on Sam saying “Drama Queen” which is not a good look for the person you’re supposed to love.

Yet like all other teen books there has to be a guy. This guy David who she meets in her art class. Soon this ‘guy’ turns out to be the most important thing in her life. As you see their drama unfolded Sam learns what love is, and has to let her feelings go for a certain boy who she been dreaming about.

This is a nice quick vacation read. With not a lot of concentration to read it, and only being 247 pages, I suggest it to middle school girls, or anyone who wants to read a book with a happy ending. With that Meg Cabot once again gives us an easy quick read that leaves a happy feeling when you are done.