A review by book_stabbed
The Inexplicable Logic of My Life, by Benjamin Alire Sáenz


I believe everything that is around you, builds you. Whatever you listen to or read makes you. So it is natural for people to say that there should be a filter to those things. Not all things are good. But not all things are bad either. People can protect you, but to a limit. After that, you're on your own. And the journey, that we have to make on our own isn't always easy (understatement of the century). But still, we press on and push through, no matter how difficult it gets.

This story is about Salvador-his past, his future- and his closely-knit circle of people who he very dearly loves. But some events force him to change and rethink. Change isn't easy and is largely unwelcomed, but it is inevitable and unavoidable.

Ever since he could remember, Sal's adoptive gay father always protected him. His mima had always loved him. Sam had always been his best friend. His family had always supported him. And his mother had always been dead.

The last one never bothered him-he hardly remembered her-until now. After a tragic incident, Sam and Sal grow closer than ever before. Slowly and steadily, Sal cracks out of his shell when he has to deal with some problems, especially now that he can't always be protected anymore.

With a transitioning life, troubling events, hurt, pain, anger, happiness and sorrow, [a:Benjamin Alire Sáenz|4841310|Benjamin Alire Sáenz|https://images.gr-assets.com/authors/1386527200p2/4841310.jpg] takes you on a journey and a half. Though his style of writing is somewhat simple, it leaves a mark, no doubt.

We see recurring themes in a few of his books, but that does nothing to stop the book from becoming boring. It just hooks you onto the book. Once you finish, the sadness that grips you, despite the ending, just underlines the fact that this book is much more than awesome. You experience his life, evolve, grow and learn to accept the truth with Sal.

Such a beautifully written book deserves much more credit than it has received . Definitely the kind of book you want to read again as soon as you have reached the last page.